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AMS Alliance is a leading global group who develops, manufactures and markets automated analytical instruments and diagnostic systems

AMS Alliance: your global healthcare & analytical partner.

AMS Alliance is a leading Group with headquarter in Rome area (Italy) with subsidiaries in USA / France and focuses in Medical Diagnostics, Molecular Biology/Microarrays, Food Diagnostics, Environment/Industry, Nuclear/Biology Isolation.

AMS Alliance is a corporation dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing instrumentation, reagents and tests for medical diagnostics, environment, food & beverage industries. AMS Alliance has manufacturing facilities in Europe and U.S.A. and markets its products via subsidiaries and a network of established distributors in 45 countries. From the inception AMS Alliance (formerly AMS) has been focused on R&D and new products development delivering system platforms for market leaders, via O.E.M. and private label agreements worldwide.


To learn more about our brands

Founded in 1992, AMS is a leading group with focus in Healthcare/Medical Diagnostics. With headquarter in Italy and subsidiaries in France, USA and China, it designs and manufactures automatic random access analyzers and dedicated reagents for clinical chemistry, toxicology, immunoturbidimetric, nephelometric, gastro-enterology assays. Our broad range of diagnostics and systems is able to cover all customer needs. Reliable and multi-purpose instruments help to reduce the cost for optimized efficiency across laboratories of all sizes.

Alliance Instruments
Founded in 1988, the French company Alliance Instruments is a new brand of AMS group since 2008. With over 25 years experience in scientific instruments, Alliance Instruments has become a specialist in Continuous Flow, Discrete and NIR analyzers in a various fields such as Environment (waters and soils), Agri-food (food and feed), Alcoholic beverages, Agriculture (fertilizers, plants and cereals), Milk and dairy products. The company offers a wide range of fully automated analytical instruments for all laboratories.

Lifelinelab is a leading company in Microarrays which owns a patent designed to covalently bind either Protein or Nucleic acids and allowing the development of sophisticated analysis in the emerging applications of proteomics and genomics.
For Food industries, LifeLineLab offers the latest innovation in molecular biology to detect presence of the most common pathogens in food, with dedicated kits and instruments.

Biogamma, an Italian company, joined the group in September 2015. The company develops and manufactures a wide range of enzymatic reagents, mainly dedicated to oenology sector. Biogamma has its own manufactyring unit in Guidonia, in the outskirts of Rome, Italy, near AMS Alliance Group’s headquarters. 
For more information : www.bio-gamma.com

Originally from the INRA Montpellier, Envolure is specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative test kits for environmental analysis, both for industrials and public and private laboratories. Envolure joined AMS Alliance Group in November 2015. Creator of the first BOD5 measure analysis kit (biochemical oxygen demand in five days) in 48h (Enverdi-DBO®), Envolure is a French company at the edge of biotechnology, resolutely turned towards innovation.
For more information : www.envolure.com

Another subsidiary, Ysebaert, a company founded in 1974 and a brand of AMS Alliance since 2008, is a manufacturer of isolators and gloveboxes for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nuclear applications. Ysebaert has a comprehensive catalogue of standard parts and tailor-made manufactured isolators.
For more information : www.ysebaert.com

Integrated Research and Development

Integrated Research and Development
At AMS Alliance, we  invest a big part of our turnover in  R&D, to design new products and develop methods and applications. We also develop very strong partnership with universities and research centers to share their expertise and transfer technologies into useful application.

Application Lab and customized developments
AMS Alliance advises you on the most adapted technique for your need and your throughput. Our hardware and software solutions have been especially designed to cover most current parameters. Furthermore, to satisfy growing demand for tailor made applications, our application laboratory is available to develop solutions which are the most suited to your needs
New method, new parameter, higher throughput, data treatment, integration in a specific IT environment.

Production and quality

Much more than a simple integrator, our own manufacturing plants located in Italy, France and USA (including a digital machining workshop) produce outstanding quality reagents and systems.

Quality components, perfect assembly, process methods and an industrial organization which is environment friendly ensure the optimal quality and reliability of our products. All our production sites are ISO 9001 certified ,as a result of our total quality management.

Good to know...

- Company Quality System certified ISO 9001 by DET NORSKE VERITAS certification body
- Continuous technological Research
- A flexible productive organization able to meet delivery demands
- An expert staff of designers, engineers, software specialists and chemists
- User-friendly Softwares
- The consolidated comakership with crucial suppliers allows AMS Alliance to be ready to peak production in a very short time.
- The Service news bulletin keeps customers updated regarding the instruments' technical information, reducing the MTR (Mean Time to Repair)

Innovative Analytical Solutions

Global presence

We are present all over the world via subsidiaries and a network of qualified distributors providing all our services in more than 45 countries.

Automatization & simplicity

Our sophisticated technologies are simple and practical to use thank to fully automated tools, a user-friendly software and ready to use reagents.

Adapted to the needs

Our market knowledge, our technological expertise and our integrated R&D enable to continuously innovate in order to meet the current needs and to anticipate future evolutions.

High quality manufacturing

Our instruments and reagents are manufactured in our own facilities in Europe according to rigorous manufacturing methods ensuring proven high quality.

Green technologies

We develop green technology devices: low volume of reagents and low energy & water consumption, reduced volume of waste, use of washable cuvettes.

Even more savings

Our innovations are designed to help you increase productivity, to reduce cost of ownership thanks to an appropriate maintenance, and to reduce analyses unit cost.

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