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Analytical Solution for Agri-food

AMS Alliance is one of the major players for analysis in the Agri-food domain. This is thanks to our expertise in different complementary technologies in dedicated ranges and our promotion of various partnerships with industrials and renowned research centres.


Today AMS Alliance can offer laboratories an extensive range of modern and integrated solutions enabling them to automate their analyses whether it be for R&D, processes or quality control.


An answer to all your needs

AMS Alliance is ideally placed to meet the analysis needs of the agri-food industries for finalizing new products, production control, control of the end product and also for verifying compliance with current standards and regulations. AMS Alliance’s line of analysers meets the numerous specific requirements of the different professions, covering most parameters such as:


•  Measuring alcohol, sugars, the SO2 or the volatile acidity in wine

•  Acidification Kinetics of lactic bacteria for milk and dairy products

•  Calculation of cheese making time (setting and cutting)

•  Bitterness, beta glucanes or the colour of beer

•  Proteins, fats, dry extracts of flour

•  Nitrates, nitrites, sugars...in a large number of food products


This is just a glimpse of some of our possibilities. Whatever your needs, your demands or your applications might be, please do not hesitate to contact us. AMS Alliance will always have a solution adapted to your needs.