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Wed, 05/04/2016 - 20:35 / By Anonymous

AMS Alliance is growing!

AMS Alliance Group continues its growth strategy in order to offer its customers comprehensive solutions in its three markets: diagnostic, environment and agri-food.

"The goal is to offer our customers comprehensive analytical solutions that give them a guarantee of performance and results. This way our customers access a secure and reliable offer supply covering all the issues: materials, softwares, reagents, services" explains Laurent Clousier, CEO of AMS France.
"We have a constant desire to always control the entire process to ensure a perfect operation and an exact adaptation to the needs of each sector. Therefore, all the companies that we acquire are like us, designers and manufacturers of their own products."

In July 2015, AMS France subsidiary has purchased Biogamma, an Italian company that produces enzyme reagents mainly for oenology sector and, on November the 13th, AMS France redeemed Envolure, a French biotechnology company, mostly known for its kits for the determination of BOD5 in 48 hours. 

All Envolure and Biogamma products are marketed worldwide through subsidiaries and a network of established and specialized distributors present in over 50 countries.



Originally from the INRA Montpellier, Envolure is specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative environmental analyzes for industrial and analyzes public and private laboratories. 

Creator of the first BOD5 measure analysis kit (biochemical oxygen demand in five days) in 48h (Enverdi-DBO®), Envolure is a French company at the edge of biotechnology, resolutely turned towards innovation.



Biogamma is an Italian company which develops and manufactures a wide range of enzymatic reagents mainly dedicated to eonology sector. The company has a manufacturing unit in Guidonia, in the suburbs of Rome, Italy, near the headquarters of the group AMS Alliance.