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Analytical Solution for the Environment

AMS Alliance is one of the major players in the environmental analysis. This is thanks to our expertise in different complementary technologies in dedicated ranges and to our various partnerships with industrials and renowned research centers.


Today AMS Alliance offers to laboratories a wide range of modern and integrated solutions allowing them to automate their analyses whether it be for R&D, Processes or Quality control.


The growing awareness of the need for the protection of the planet on a world-wide scale is creating more and more rules and regulations aiming to protect the environment as well as the consumer.

For example, more and more in-depth analyses of an increasing number of samples are needed in testing the quality of water with laboratories needing solutions for simple routine analyses which are effective and reliable.


For the agricultural industries, having an in-depth understanding of the main chemical parameters means they can optimize the quality of their products and their production.


An answer to all your needs

- Our analytical solutions cover more than 140 applications and about 500 methods of analysing different types of water: drinking, waste, surface or sea water.

Concerning the pollution, for example, our analyzers enable you to determine the nitrate and nitrite content in the soil.

Our analytical solutions can be applied to a vast range of agricultural activities: fertilizers, plants, tobacco, cereals....