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Biogamma : food & beverage division


Biogamma is an AMS Alliance Group Company that develops and manufactures a complete range of ready to use liquid reagents for oenology, food and beverage.

Our experienced staff and the collaborations with academic world grant a continuous upgrade and improvement of products.

Quality raw material, process methods and an industrial organization which is environment friendly ensure the optimal quality and reliability of our products.

All our production sites are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 cetrified, as a result of our total quality management.


High quality reagents for an accurate and precise result


Reagents produced from high quality raw materials, enzymes developed by recombinant microorganisms, for a long-term stability of our kits.

Quality Control aimed both to the monitoring of the production process and to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance in all phases of the quality's circle in order to achieve greater efficiency.