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Food Safety Investigator kits by DNA Biochip

Today, in addition to our well known product lines, we are offering the latest innovation in molecular biology to detect the presence of the most common pathogens in food.

With dedicated kits and instruments, we offer one of the most simple, rapid and reliable solution in the market.

Food Safety Investigator (FSI) Kit, is a new line of innovative products based on low density DNA Microarray Biochip Technology to simultaneously detect the presence of the most common microorganisms or nucleic acid targets in many different food matrixes with dedicated Reagent kits and Biochip Instrument Platform.


Main advantages


- One of the most rapid and simple technique, based on DNA Microarray Biochip Technology

- A complete solution to detect presence or absence of pathogens in food

- Rapid identification of animal species

- Results in less than 5 hours

- High sensitivity of 0.1%


Complete range


With dedicated kits, we offer you a rapid and safe method to detect with:

- FSI Milk kit: 8 bacteria in milk for diagnosis of mastitis

- FSI Food kit: 13 common food borne bacteria in a single assay

- FSI Beer kit: 12 beer spoilage organisms in a single assay

- FSI Meat kit: identification of 19 animals species of animals meats and bone powders