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Kit for adverse reactions to food

There is a world talking about Food intolerance but few about adverse reactions to food.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


i-Screen-Ab™ is an enzyme immunoassay screening kit for patients who present symptoms in the gastro-intestinal tract. This is an initial screening test that should facilitate the diagnosis of adverse reactions to food (food allergy, food intolerance and celiac disease) or at least the exclusion of this possibility. Normally, similar kits detect only a merely list of foods with just IgG.

Elisa kit provides the semi quantitative determination, in human serum of IgE and IgG4 antibodies directed against specific mixtures of food allergens and of IgG antibodies directed against deaminated gliadin.


The kit provides 6 different mix of biotinilated allergens used for the detection of IgE and IgG4 specific antibodies for the following food groups:

a) Milk-egg-meat
b) Fish-shellfish
c) Nuts
d) Cereals
e) Vegetables
f) Fruit

plus a seventh “Mix” intended for celiac disease that doses anti-gliadin IgG antibodies in human sera.


Mix1 - Milk egg meat f2 milk f78 n casein f1 egg white f75 egg yolk f83 chicken f26 pork f27 beef  
Mix2 - Fish-shellfish  f3 cod f207 clam f40 tuna f41 salmon f24 prawn f23 crab    
Mix3 - Nuts  f17 hazelnut f13 peanut f256 walnut f20 almond f203 pistachio f202 cashew f18 brazil nuts f253 pine nuts
Mix4 - Cereals  f4 wheat f14 soy seeds f8 corn flour f45 yeast f10 sesame f9 rice    
Mix5 - Vegetables  f25 tomato f35 potato f47 garlic f31 carrot f86 parsley f12 pea    
Mix6 - Fresh Fruit f92 banana f84 kiwi f49 apple f87 melon f95 peach f242 cherry f33 orange f44 strawberry
Mix7 - Celiac Disease Deaminated Gliadin peptide


i-Screen-Ab™, all in one test. IgG4, IgE and Celiac disease.

Patient report

Kit provides a Patient Report where it is clearly visible the added value of getting 3 results/sample.


Kit format

- Part n°: KIT_IS

- Format: 96 wells Elisa plate

- Number of test per plate: 4