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Fully automatic analyzer for veterinary and clinical laboratories

Vegasys is an Open, Fully Automatic, Counter Top, Batch Analyzer for veterinary and clinical laboratoriesIt runs immunoturbidimetric, clinical chemistry analyses using single or double reagent methodologies.



Vegasys holds 40 samples (four segments with 10 sample cups each) plus 1 segment for 6 Standards and 2 Controls.

Removable reagent tray with 18 reagent containers (25 ml each).



Vegasys runs all clinical chemistry and immunoturbidimetric tests: End Points, Fixed Time, Kinetics, Bichromatics and Differential methods with or without reagent blank correction, against factor or standard.

Samples can be loaded by single test or profile.
It is programmed for 7 different calculation algorithms for non-linear analysis, automatic flagging for system and results anomalies, abnormal values, enzymes  substrate depletion, Rbl out of range.


Wide choice of methods and reagents. The User can programme more than 300 clinical chemistry and immunoturbidimetric applications.



Up to 200 colorimetric tests/hour.



- Multi wavelength photometer with narrow band interference filters, 340, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 620 nm 

- Halogen lamp

- Linear range up 2.5 Abs

- Resolution of 0.001 Abs 

- Micro- flow-cell

- 50 µl total volume

- Temperature controlled at 37 °C ± 0.1°C by Peltier effect



- High precision Diluter Module
- Sample aspiration from 3 to 99 µl with 1 µl increments
- Reagent dispensing from 5 µl to 500 µl
- Minimum reaction volume 450 µl 



114 disposable reaction cells (6 segments of 19 cells each) temperature controlled at 37 °C.



Vegasys software runs under Windows XP and manages the following functions:

- Unlimited work list

- Historical patient and calibration database

- Quality control graphs visualization and print-out

- Visualization and print-out of calibration graphs

- Methods programming (open system)

- Management of unwanted sequences

- Database for reagents, standards and controls

- Sample pre-dilution

- Dedicated Software for VET testing

- Multipoint calibration curves and relative graphs

- Bidirectional Interface with host computer

- Auto Diagnosis program