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Smartchem range: state-of-the art automated Discrete analyzers


Since 25 years, AMS Alliance provides to scientists and laboratories consistent innovations to develop new analytical solutions using Discrete technology. Our high-end instruments, software, accessories and reagents help our customers to solve complex analytical challenges and increase laboratory productivity.

The Smartchem range is the first discrete analyzers to utilize washable cuvettes with an integrated wash and control station, which guarantee a lower running cost and reduced risk of contamination. In addition to automated analysis, the Smartchem range offers automated system Quality Control.


The Smartchem range allows you:

- More Productivity

- Lower Running costs

- Better results

- High performance 


The first discrete analyzers using a patented, dedicated sample prep module for the determination of NOx by Cadmium reduction 

- A complete range of automated instruments, from 140 to 600 tests/hour

- New ISE module to measure pH, conductivity and redox

- High flexibility for routine or special chemistries

- Large range of accessories

- Ready-to-use reagents for environmental analysis

- Fully automated and user-friendly instruments

- Direct read 


All analytical procedures, from working standard dilution to sample analysis, cuvette washing and system QC, are fully automated.


- New user-friendly operating software, compatible with all LIMS (implemented in 2016)

- Long-life cuvettes with integrated Cuvette quality insurance system

- Smartwash system to eliminate carryover during sampling

- Direct read: more simplicity and security

- No excessive reagent consumption


The range

- Smartchem 140: up to 140 tests/hour

- Smartchem 170: up to 170 tests/hour

- Smartchem 200: up to 200 tests/hour

- Smartchem 450: up to 450 tests/hour

- Smartchem 600: up to 600 tests/hour
Two ranges: Smartchem for Environment market, and Winechem for Wine market, each with specific methods & dedicated ready-to-use reagents.



Ready to use reagents: the best way to save time and money

Developed, tested and validated by our application laboratory, these ready-to-use reagents will guarantee a perfect stability and reproducibility of the analysis. This ready solution greatly simplifies the preparation of the analyses, and facilitates the use and storage of reagents. It also secures the analyses with reagents adapted to each application and instrument.
Two ranges: ready to use reagents for Water and Wine analysis.