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Enverdi-BOD Kit

Enverdi-BOD i s a new method to obtain BOD5 results in 2 days versus 5 days for reference method.


Regulatory experimentation in France from September 2017 for 4 years.
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Your BOD results within 48 hours!


Throughout the last decades, the size of the environmental analysis market has been significantly increasing due to a growing public concern regarding natural resources conservation.

Consequently, operating in high-throughput conditions has become a pre-requisite for analytical labs to face the fast growing number of samples. Inspired by the impressive progress in bioanalytics, the company Envolure (AMS Alliance Group) has developed an innovative high-throughput technology, which couples fluorescence detection and worldwide standard 96-well microplate format.


BOD5 (Biological Oxygen Demand in 5 days) is a critical parameter for wastewater treatment monitoring. It is used daily to control the conformity of wastewaters released from urban and industrial treatment plants.

Envolure has developed and validated a strict surrogate to the reference method (EN NF 1899-1) making it possible to obtain BOD5 results in 48 hours (versus 5 days) for many samples.



This new product is based on the use of a bioreagent, which is chemically reduced in microbial cells during the aerobic respiration, leading to an increase in the fluorescence signal. Fluorescence intensity, recorded throughout the

incubation is directly proportional to the amount of organic substrates biodegraded.

Definite results are reached after 48 hours of incubation at 30°C.

The endpoint concentration provided by the Enverdi-BOD kit is directly expressed in mg O2/L, like for the reference method.


Ready-to-use solution

To simplify the BOD deternimation using the Enverdi method, we developped a dedicated standard bacterial seed (OptiSeed). This ready-to-use solution, including Reagents + Calibration Standards + Microplate + Bacterial Seed + Fluorescence microplate reader, allows to secure and standardize your BOD tests.



Enverdi-BOD provides the user with many features:

Fast: analytical results obtained in 48 hours

Profitable: the microplate format provides a sharp decrease in analytical costs, up to 3-fold

High-throughput: one kit enables to perform up to 80 BOD5 (no replicates) or 40 (with duplicates)

Unique: unique analytical tool for regulatory analysis and WWTPs’ operation monitoring

Miniature: incubation takes place directly in the fluorescence reader, bench surface less than 1 m2

Simple: 45 minutes are required to prepare 40 duplicated samples, which is 5 to 10 times faster than the conventional method

Automated: data recording and management are fully automated
- Ready-to-use: ready-to-use solution including reagents - calibration standards - microplate - bacterial seed - fluorescence microplate reader


International validation

The international validation of the BDO5 substitute Enverdi was published in the Environmental science and pollution research international in June 2014.

The detailed results of the study runned in France and in the US show the robust equivalence of the Envolure technology (48 h) against the reference method (5 days).




Regulatory experimentation in France


In 2017, the French government have publish a special derogaroty decree regarding the BOD5 analysis in municipal sewage treatment plants. This decree allows the French laboratories to experiment with the Enverdi-BOD method during a 4-years period, from September 2017 until October 2021. If the experimentation results are satisfactory, this innovative method could be fully and definitively allowed by French regulations.

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