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Enverdi Process Kit

Assay kit for the treatment of industrial and urban effluents.

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To meet the growing challenges that the wastewater treatment professionals have to deal with, Envolure (AMS Alliance Group) developed the analytical solution: Enverdi -Process.

Enverdi-Process is an analytical solution based on the same technical principle as the kit: Enverdi-DBO/BOD. This technology uses a chemical probe or bioreagent which during the aerobic degradation metabolism of a bacterial biomass will be chemically reduced by the activity of the biomass and will generate a fluorescent emission.

Based on this principle, Enverdi-Process offers professionals of the waste water sector (industrial or urban), a fast and efficient tool for better control and an optimization of the treatment of their wastewater.


The Enverdi -Process kit offers the following options:

- Toxicity/Inhibition assay

The kit can reveal in 24 hours the presence of a potential inhibitor or toxic agent in the wastewater. The operator can therefore quickly act on the treatment process. The assay is performed directly on the WWTP biomass and does not use any external reagents or biological references to avoid any biased results.


Possible applications:

- Determining the toxicity threshold of a toxic compound to the existing biomass

- Analyzing the recalcitrance of an industrial biocide

- Determining the most resistant bacterial strains to certain chemicals


Aerobic bioactivity assay

The kit can be used to monitor the level of activity of a biomass over time. Results can be gathered very quickly, usually in approximately 2 hours, and can therefore be used to act upon the treatment processes.


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