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The best Continuous Flow analysis technologies


AMS Alliance has developed automated wet chemistry analyzers, the Futura and Proxima range, based on the Continuous Flow technology (also called Segmented Flow analysis). The company is a world

leader in Analytical instruments which offers state-of-the-art integrated and modular analyzers to meet the needs of laboratories which process a few samples or large volume of samples.


Advanced automation improving efficiency and productivity

- Automation of complex chemistries

- Multiple analyses up to 16 parameters simultaneously

- Combined analyses on the same instrument (from 2 to 5)

- Choose between Micro Flow, Macro Flow, or combine them both

- Multiple accessories and modules (autosamplers, dilution, distillation, etc.)

- Very important range of parameters

- Ready-to-use reagents

- Compliance with reference methods


Integrated modularity for simple and easy analysis

- Fully automated instruments (dilutions, distillations, digestions, extractions, dialysis, start-up and more)

- Easy analytical manifold change over (Futura)

- Very low consumption of reagents

- High performance pump

- Integrated reagent drawer (Futura)

- Automatic handling of external modules and accessories

- New user-friendly analytical software (May 2017)


The range

- New Futura 3: advanced technology for automated analysis (up to 16 analytical channels)
- Futura: multi-parameters CFA analyzer (up to 12 analytical channels)
- Proxima: modular CFA analyzer with 5 integrated channels