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Much more than a supplier, a complete Team at your service ! 

Advice you from the start...

In order to assist you, our teams will be there for you:

- to present different techniques and their importance for your needs

- to help you draw up your specifications

- to train your staff

- to give you a demonstration (on your premises or in our laboratory)


Reliability guaranteed ! 

Before being installed, all our machines are subjected to rigorous quality control tests in order to ensure your instrument is performing according to factory specifications.

Each module is tested separately to check its good working order. Then, after the validation of each sub-unit and of the final assembly we carry out a complete new series of tests to ensure the routine use of the machine.

In the last stage, samples are analyzed on the methods specific to your order. Finally our teams carry out the complete installation of the machine on your premises.

Once the machine is set up, a new validation is carried out using your samples, thus allowing you to be running your analysis before we finish the installation.


Technical support 

Call our technical support hotline for expert assistance. We offer a range of services to ensure continuous peace of mind.


Preventive maintenance contracts 

We offer several different levels of service to ensure we can meet your requirements.

Contact your local representative to define the most suitable maintenance contract according to your needs.


On-site service 

We provide factory based training for our service personnel and distribution partners to ensure on-site support when needed.


New service: remote maintenance 

AMS Alliance offers free access to remote maintenance for all its equipment connected to a PC (roughly 90% of the range). The principle is highly efficient and practical: via a dedicated, secure web access, AMS Alliance engineers have access to the systems and conduct remote tests, which enable them to carry out :

- Diagnostics

- Various support procedures

- Training

ll this in real time, as if the engineer was sitting right next to you!