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Analytical solutions for Wine & Alcohols


AMS Alliance has developed specific analytical solutions for oenology and for the overall alcoholic beverages, based on two complementary technologies which are Continuous Flow and Discrete analysis, to implement within the parameters to be analyzed as well as your laboratory needs.


The Continuous Flow
This technology allows regulatory analysis accorded to COFRAC accredited methods, in other words the measurement of volatile Acidity by distillation as well as Free SO2 and Total SO2 by Paul Frantz method.
The Continuous Flow (CFA) is a proven laboratory analytical technique capable of quickly processing a large set of samples, well suited to complex chemistries. Futura is distinguished by its modularity (micro or macro flow, several types of detectors), the quality of the optical system offers low detection limits, a complete automation of analysis and the possibility to increase the number of parameters to be analyzed. CFA is compliant with reference methods like EPA, ISO, AFNOR, CORESTA, APHA, OIV...
To meet all the needs and facilitate the implementation of the analysis, Futura range offers many accessories automatically controlled by the system.


Discrete analysis
The Discrete analysis gives the possibility to simultaneously analyze many parameters, such as Specific Sugars (Glucose, Fructose, etc.), all Organic Acids (Acetic, Malic, Lactic, Gluconic, etc.), but also the Free SO2, the Total SO2, Iron, Copper, etc .
This technique is spreading in laboratories due to its many advantages such as high flexibility (possibility to simultaneously analyze several parameters and to multiply the samples), large capacity (from 140 to 600 tests/hour according to the device), very low detection limits, fully automated and easy to use instruments, Ready to use reagents directly positionable into the analyzer.
With our range composed of 5 instruments (140, 170, 200, 450 and 600 tests/hour) there is always a Smartchem meeting your needs.

These analyses can be carried out at all stages from the production of wine or beverages, of raw material (Grapes, Cereals…) to the quality control of the finished product.


Main parameters
Acetic acid
Alpha Amino Nitrogen
Ascorbic Acid
Citric acid
Ethanol (TVA)
Free SO2
Gluconic acid
Lactic acid
Malic acid
OD 420, OD 520, 0D620
Sorbic Acid
Tartric acid
Total acidity
Total SO2
Volatil acidity